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At Methscreen we offer a comprehensive, personal and discreet service.  We test properties for all sorts of clients, from existing home owners, to landlords and those looking to purchase a property and wanting peace of mind.

meth P methamphetamine screen

Step 1 – Initial Screening

Multiple areas of the property are sampled for methamphetamine. This combined sample is then sent to an independent IANZ accredited Lab to be analysed. An evidential report is then generated. This gives you a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ result and is an indication of how bad the problem is likely to be should the results be positive.

Step 2 – Detailed Site Investigation

Individual samples are taken from the property to determine how much methamphetamine contamination is present and where in the property it is located. The results of this testing then help to formulate a remedial action plan for the professional meth decontamination companies, should their services be required.

Step 3 – Post-Decontamination Screening

Individual samples are taken after the meth (P) decontamination work has taken place to ensure that the remediation has been successful and any remaining residue is of a safe level.

For your peace of mind, get a Meth screen on your property. Call 03 5451517 or 021 2032185  contact us here.

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