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Many people in New Zealand believe that methamphetamine (P) is an issue far removed from their own lives. Sadly, this is not the case. The following diagram shows the far reaching impact of one single meth lab – and there are hundreds in New Zealand.

Research has shown that 77% of Methamphetamine (P) is manufactured in P Labs hidden away within ordinary residential properties. Those are ordinary houses, just like yours or the house next door.

The makers of Meth don’t hang around too long. To avoid detection by the authorities or the police, P Labs are moved from property to property frequently, leaving the invisible residue of their production behind.

As the diagram shows, the P Labs sell their Meth to a number of large scale suppliers, who in turn sell on to many more smaller scale suppliers, or dealers. The dealers keep hundreds of users hooked into their P habit.

Whether a property has been used to manufacture, supply or simply smoke Meth (P), there will be residue left.

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