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New House? Did you check for METH? Meth (P) residue can't be seen. Be sure. Get a Meth Screen.

Call MethScreen now on 03 545 1517 or  021 2032185


We use a independent IANZ accredited laboratory for all our meth (P) testing.


We are independent and experienced methamphetamine (P) samplers.


We work with a nationwide network of trusted and experienced  samplers.


We can help you through the whole process, we are only a phone call away.

Methamphetamine (P) manufacture and use has become a significant problem in New Zealand.

Can you afford to risk your health and your biggest financial asset?

How does the P Problem Affect You?

77% of Methamphetamine (P) is known to be manufactured in residential properties – homes that are later sold or rented to others who live with the effects.

Up to 80% of High Court Trials in New Zealand have a connection with Meth (P) use. This means the chances of you being the victim of crime are higher.

Not our problem

Most of us never have any interaction with drugs in our lives and may see the Meth (P) problem as “something that doesn’t affect us.”

Unfortunately this is not so. The manufacturing and heavy use (smoking) Meth (P) can leave a  harmful contamination residue in properties. We then purchase and live in homes carrying this harmful residue, thus making us victims of the Meth (P) problem. Read more about the scale of the Meth problem here.

Methscreen Service

We provide a professional and discreet Meth (P) residue screening service to help ensure peace of mind for your home or next property purchase. Methscreen is a locally owned business based in Nelson Tasman, we cover the top of the South Island including  Golden Bay,Blenheim, Kaikoura, Christchurch, Greymouth, Westport, West Coast area.

Invisible residue

The Manufacturing and heavy use (smoking) of “P” can produce an invisible residue which is left on and in surfaces … we don’t know it’s there until our health is affected.

P use occurs in every type of home; often in the ones you would least expect.

Get Meth Screened

Get your house screened for Meth (P) use before you buy! It’s a simple test that provides peace of mind and makes financial sense.

Contact us today.

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